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Submission Rules

  1. Do not share your image with anyone until approved or denied. This is for your protection.
  2. Submission must be 1080x1080
  3. 3MB cutoff for GIFs; 1MB pixels cutoff for PNGs, JPGs, etc.
  4. Token must not be divisible
  5. Token must be locked
  6. Do not send token until approved for series
  7. Issuance must be a minimum of 69
  8. Only 1 submission per artist until approved or denied
  9. If you just take an existing Bored Ape and add a hat or some drool, that's not really what we're looking for. While Drooling Apes can resemble Bored Apes, the drawing should be original, not just a copy of a Bored Ape.